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Divisibility tests (Rules of Divisibility)

Divisibility tests are helpful rules for recognizing when a number is divisible by another or not. These rules are intended to save you time and a lot of necessary divisions to help determine the Greatest Common Factor

How to solve Linear Equations In Algebra

This post explains how to solve linear equations. It contains plenty of examples and practice problems. Linear equations definitions A linear equation is an equation in which the highest power of the variable is 1. For example, 2x +

Quadratic factorisation – 7 methods – Step by step

What is quadratic factorisation? And how can we factorise a quadratic expression? Today we are going to see 7 basic methods to factorise a quadratic expression. And these methods are what you need.    Firstly you need

How to solve quadratic equations – 3 methods – Step by step

Today you are going to see 3 methods to solve quadratic equations that you need to know. And these methods actually work.  First of all, you need to know what quadratic equations are. Quadratic equations definition Equations

How to tell time, write time and convert time – Maths 3

Wellcome to my blog! Chào mừng bạn đến với Blog Lớp Học Tích Cực! Hôm nay chủ đề chúng ta tìm hiểu là “Time” – Thời gian. Hãy cùng học các từ vựng và kiến thức về

Toán tiếng Anh tiểu học – Money (Tiền tệ)

Hello! Welcome to my Positive classroom. Xin chào! Chào mừng bạn đến với Lớp Học Tích Cực của tôi. Today we’re going to learn about MONEY, (the value of coins, and dollar bills, how to change money,